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“Don't spend your days looking behind, your future lies ahead."



Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson is passionate about education but even more passionate about making sure that our educators and families know their value. She grew up in a household with grandparents who could not read or write - yet they encouraged her to be the best person she could be!  Now, she has committed her life’s journey to “empowering our children to know that they can succeed, no matter what their circumstances are”.

...believe in yourselves and there is nothing you can't do!

Check out Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson's TEDx Talk! 


Dr. Kimberly Johnson's grandparents taught her what good character looks like and raised her to believe in God and in self. Many students do not have that support system at home. In this inspirational TEDx Talk, Dr. Johnson urges educators to be the inspiration the kids need.

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