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Workshops Overview

If you build your mind one day at a time and let your thoughts just flow - There's never a doubt or question at all as to whether ideas can grow You have to believe that your mind is the best and that dreams can really come true But most of all, believe in yourselves and there's nothing that you can't do! - Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson


Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson is an accomplished Children's Book Author, Speaker, Motivator and Educator. With a background that spans Radio, Television, Motion Pictures and Early Childhood Education you can quickly see where her ability to captivate developed from.


Her love of reading and her desire to put a stop to illiteracy motivated her to write her first children's book. This same desire has made her dedicated to various children's organizations such as Smart Start, Head Start and National Reading Councils. She avidly supports and donates a portion of her book sales to literacy organizations.


Through her commitment and dedication to education, Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson inspires others to reach for success. She inspires them to be creative and to take every opportunity to build their minds.




Watch the video as Kimberly explains what you can expect to experience at her workshops.

Kimberly's Workshops

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