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3 - 5 Writing Workshop

Kimberly motivates children to brainstorm ideas and organize them into fluent sentences and paragraphs. Using her clever teaching style, she can help children use stronger adjectives, vivid verbs and better transitions in their writing. She also has techniques that will motivate reluctant readers to improve their reading skills. Her storytelling ability and experience as an author will incorporate character traits into the presentation. She provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in the writing and reading process. Her interactive method will make children "want" to write better stories. Kimberly's methods are grade appropriate, challenging - yet fun. If you want stronger readers and writers, you want Kimberly P. Johnson to inspire your students.


Using her unique storytelling skills, Kim Johnson will capture the minds and hearts of your class, all the while teaching them about character traits, a theme that runs strongly through all her work. Through her interactive methods, students will be able to mentally and physically participate, creating an ideal environment for learning. Kim also ensures that her material is appropriate for the age she is working with.


Some areas that will be covered in the 3 - 5 Workshop are:

  • Brainstorming activities - how to create topics to write about

  • Story sequencing - Beginning, Middle, End

  • Capitalization, usage, punctuation and spelling discussion

  • Thinking Maps and Story Idea Webs - How to help a story grow and be organized

  • Steps that budding writers can take to stay FOCUSED on their topic

  • Listening to stories and interpretation (comprehension)

  • Reading for information and details

  • Beginning a story idea, developing it and how to elaborate on it

  • Adjectives and how they breathe life into a story


Kim's topics continue to become more expansive and challenging with the age of the children she is working with. However, her exuberance and ability to capture their hearts and minds holds steady. View the media kit page for feedback and references of previous workshops.

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