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The Story Of The Friendship 9

Kimberly P. Johnson tells the story of the Friendship 9 with her book No Fear for Freedom: The Story Of The Friendship 9.  She retells the 1961 story of nine brave young men who stood up for justice and equality in Rock Hill, SC. Their premise of Jail, No Bail helped shift the Civil Rights Movement into a new direction and challenged a community to rise up and answer the call for equality and human justice. This riveting story takes the reader back to a time when injustices were the norm and freedom was the plea.


Martin Luther King, Jr. was right : The Universe is on the side of justice.


MLK daughter in Rock Hill for Friendship Nine hearing


The Friendship 9 finally received their justice as they re-entered the courtroom in January 2015 to have their records vacated after 54 years!

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Friendship 9 visit their website at

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