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Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass


As we try to encourage our young people to live independently and take a more

proactive role in their lives and in the world, they are constantly bombarded

with challenges and obstacles that keep them from reaching those levels of

success. In all honesty, as adults and leaders of learning in the 21st Century and

beyond, we have to take a step back and ask ourselves, “Are we truly giving our

young people the tools they need to be successful?”


More importantly, we have to ask ourselves, “Aren’t we tired - Aren’t we

tired of seeing the turmoil in the world that sometimes keeps us from having

faith in our youth - Aren’t we tired of the feelings of defeat?” I want to be

very transparent…as adults, we sometimes fail our youth. It is now time for

us to stand up and recognize that we have not provided all of the support and

sometimes…even LOVE…that youth need in order to access their fullest

potential. We have stood around, in some cases, and watched the shattered glass

that has fallen into their lives and around them.


The beauty is that ALL IS NOT LOST!! We have the ability to help build

and re-build relationships, broken hearts and intellectual capacity. We just

have to be willing to go the distance and not only be Change Agents…but

literally be AGENTS OF CHANGE!! Let’s love our young people all the way

through…through their pain…through their obstacles…through their academic

challenges… let’s love them and show them that even in their doubt there is

confirmation and even in their shattered glass there is repair!

We can do this but we have to listen to their voices – Listen to the

Shattered Glass: as A Generation Explains.....

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