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Staff Development Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach Kimberly P. Johnson's unique methods of motivating children to read and write to educators of all levels. Her infectious enthusiasm will spread beyond the classroom by showing teachers how to get parents involved in the fun too. The workshop is always grade appropriate and is available for Grades 1-6. Educators should expect to walk away enabled with new methods to enhance creative writing and storytelling time with students. The methods will assist in getting children excited about reading and writing. Kimberly P. Johnson's educational activities can be used immediately without too much preparation time!

 Learn to Love to Teach Again™

A few of the areas Kim will touch on are:

  • Brainstorming! Creating ideas and using your senses to help develop them into a story.

  • "Rags to Riches" taking those boring words that kids use over and over again and turning them into something new using Synonyms.

  • "Sparkle Words" using them to paint pictures in the readers mind, the art of Adjectives.

  • Elaborating, how to teach children to lose their short and choppy sentences and expand their ideas into a vibrant story.

  • How do you organize a story and develop "real" characters by focusing on the beginning, middle and end.

  • Reading for reluctant readers, how to let rhythm be your guide using music as a tool.

  • Solving the mystery of punctuation, how to use and understand the clues it leaves behind in a story.

  • Having fun with poetry, rhyming words and expanding their vocabulary by using "big kid" words.


This interactive workshop recharges the educators involved and the classrooms. This is a perfect tool for your school to advance all grade levels in the areas of reading and writing. View the media kit page for feedback and references of previous workshops.

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