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Stories written by some of the children attending Kimberly P. Johnson's Writing Workshops.

The 19th Diamond

by Emma Htun


An old witch walked up the creaky steps to her little cottage. She sat down painfully in a chair. Then she called "Diamond, Diamond come here." A snow white cat appeared at her feet and looked at her faithfully. "Diamond," the witch began, "You have been faithful and loyal to me all these years, but now we must part. The voice talked to me last night, it is time for my journey." "I must go tomorrow. You have to go tonight."


The witch took off a diamond bracelet that was on her wrist and placed it with trembling hands on Diamond's neck. "This will protect you from evil forces. Use it wisely Diamond, and your life will be happy and long." "Now you must leave." She opened the door for Diamond. She started out the door. She stopped halfway and looked back at her mistress with sad eyes. Finally she continued out the door into the eerie darkness.


Sadie watched Patches, the family kitten chase butterflies, on a bright summer day. Even though Sadie was a dog, and Patches was a kitten, they got along fine. "Look Sadie!" Patches squealed with delight, "There's a new cat. Let's go play with her!" Sadie looked over in Patches direction. A white cat stalked over in their garden. "Now Patches, maybe the cat doesn't want to play." Patches ignored her. He leaped at the cat. "I'm warning you", the cat hissed, "Stay back!" Patches yowled as he felt himself being lurched backwards. "I'm sorry, " Sadie apologized, "Patches was just playing. He meant no harm." "I apologize Patches," said the other cat, "I've been wandering for days for a place to stay, and I guess I'm a little cranky. By the way, my name is Diamond."


"Well Diamond..." Sadie started. "You can stay with us!" Patches shouted with glee. "I don't know..." Diamond began. "Don't worry," Sadie reassured her, "Dave and Carol love animals." "Come on!" Patches said, "Let's go get some food."


When they got to the kitchen, Patches rubbed Carol's legs. "Not now Patches," Carol told him, "I'm washing dishes." When she was done she said, "I'll be right back," and left. Diamond called Sadie and Patches over. "Watch this," she said. She closed her eyes. Suddenly the cupboard opened and pet food came out! They opened and poured themselves into the animal's bowls! "Wow!" Patches yelled, "How did you do that?" "I have magic powers," Diamond said, "My old mistress was a witch."


Just then Dave and Carol came in a saw the animals eating. "Look Dave! Somebody fed the animals, but who?" In answer Diamond threw the can away with her powers. Dave and Carol gasped. They rushed over to her. "Carol, the cat's magic!" Dave yelled. Carol spotted Diamond's diamond collar. "Look her collar says "Diamond." That must be her name."


After all that, the animals went out to play. Suddenly there was a loud screech. Dave and Carol ran outside to see what it was. They were there just in time to see two men catnap Diamond and drive off in their truck. "Hey!" shouted Dave, "That was my boss Bob and his son Zach! Let's follow them!" Dave and Carol jumped into their car. Sadie grabbed Patch and leaped into the car just before the door closed. "OK Sadie," Carol laughed, "If you and Patches want to come that's fine. " "I didn't want to come," Patches moaned, "I get carsick!"


They tracked the catnappers to the warehouse and tiptoed inside. "All right Zach," they heard Bob say, "Get the collar off." "Not so fast!" Dave shouted. "You leave Diamond alone!" Carol yelled. Bob and Zach gasped, dropped Diamond and started to run. Sadie and Patches dragged over a rope they found and Diamond used her powers to tie the rope around the catnappers. "Good work Diamond," Carol said. Then Diamond made a phone appear so Dave could call the police.


When the police arrived, Bob and Zach confessed everything. They had found Diamond in the forest a couple of days ago, and saw her diamond collar. They tried to catch her, but couldn't. So they followed her to Dave and Carol's house and looked in the windows. Seeing her use her powers, made them want Diamond more than ever. They knew they could make millions off her. "All right you two," a police officer said after their story was done, "Looks like it's j-a-i-l."


Back at home Dave and Carol took a closer look at Diamond's collar. Carol felt every single diamond. When she got to the 19th diamond it popped out like a drawer. Dave and Carol leaned loser to look. Inside was a smaller diamond and a tiny note. Carol opened the note carefully. It said: Diamond is a very special cat. Take good care of her. Do not part this collar or diamond with her.


"The note is right," laughed Carol hugging Diamond, "Diamond is a special cat!" Diamond made a piece of meat appear in front of her and winked.

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