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Kimberly's Illustrators

Landa Smith

Landa Smith

• Illustrator Watercolor

• Ink

• Pencil

• Computer


In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory Landa Smith was the illustrator for The Adventures of the Itty Bitty Bunny and The Adventures of the Itty Bitty Spider and the Itty Bitty Mouse as well as other projects. She was chosen as one of Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.


Landa also received a Commendation from the American Advertising Federation for her participation in the AAF National Student Advertising Competition "College World Series of Advertising."

Zoe Ranucci

• Digital Illustration

• Ink

• Pencil

• Computer Graphic Design

Zoe Ranucci is the illustrator of My Mother Is My Friend, It's Time for School – A Wonderful Day, F.A.S.T. Tracks From A–Z, and Teachers Need Tugging Too!. Since 2002 Zoe has been operating her independent illustration and design studio in Belmont, NC, just outside of Charlotte. Zoe also creates all of Kimberly's marketing collateral design and website design and maintenence.


Please be sure to visit Zoe's website at to see samples of her work.

Vanessa J. Thompson

• Water Color Illustration

Vanessa is a graduate of Winthrop University’s Visual Communication Design program, from which she obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration. She has been creating art since she first picked up a crayon as a child. Now she hopes to find her way into the world of children’s book illustration. Little did she know her chance to live her dream would come true shortly after her graduation in December 2010, when Ms. Kim discovered her talent. Some say that she is “frighteningly unique” but when asked to describe herself she’d tell you: “There’s no other possible explanation... I’m just outrageously Vanessa!”


Vanessa is the illustrator of No Fear For Freedom: The Story Of The Friendship 9.


Please visit Vanessa’s website to see samples of herwork.

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